CEMS Club President Elections

Dear CEMSies,

After great year of leading CEMS Club Prague, the time has approached for a new motivated individual to take over the reins. Therefore, I am calling for elections of a new CEMS Club president for the Spring semester of 2016.

There is number of reasons why to apply for this position – the major opportunities involve:

  • Managing team of over 10 people.
  • Communication with all CEMS stakeholders (corporate partners, Prague’s CEMS office, Student Board and CEMS Headquarter representatives).
  • Opportunity to work on projects that you dream of.
  • Ability to shape the CEMS community and enrich the student life.
  • Participation on conferences with other Heads of CEMS Club and much more!

If interested, please submit your application, including CV and Motivation Letter to jan.volny.jr@gmail.com by December 13th, 2015. The candidates will then be announced together with their applications via email, Facebook and our websites (cems.cz). All CEMS students with VSE as a home university will have opportunity to vote for their future CEMS Club president.

Your time to shine has come!

With kind regards,

Any questions ? Please take a look at the below additional information:

Who is eligible to run for the CEMS Club President?
In the first round, everyone who will be in Prague for the summer semester 2015/2016 – that is home students (both first and second year present in Prague from February 2016), as well as incoming exchange students. In case there are no candidates in the first round, the CEMS Club Prague might extend the election towards those students going abroad for the exchange semester. However, remote leadership of the Club creates more hurdles than benefits and would not be preferred.

Who is eligible to vote for the CEMS Club President?
Every student with Prague as a home university (both first and second year students), as well as incoming exchange students. Also, the candidate himself/herself is eligible to vote.

What is the voting process?
The candidates will be revealed on Facebook and their applications will be sent via email. Students will then vote by sending an email to info@cems.cz with the name of the candidate. If there would be only one candidate, he/she becomes president instantly.

Do I have to commit for one year (i.e. two semesters) or one semester only?
The whole handover process, as well as building the team, knowledge and experience takes time. Therefore, we prefer to see certain fluency and would be happy to see candidates willing to lead the CC Prague for two semesters. However, there is no rule prohibiting you from running for the President if you can perform the role for only one semester.

Do I have to run with a whole team of CEMSies for each and every position in the Club?
Obviously, it might be a benefit to show that you already have a team of motivated students willing to contribute to the Club under your command. However, this is not a requirement and from past experience, the club’s head will not have troubles to find motivated students willing to join the club after elections.

Is there election of all the roles? Who is actually elected and who is appointed?
Only the CEMS Club President gets elected and it is his/her responsibility to build up the team taking care of the various roles within the Club (for further details, please see the current team structure). I am holding the elections now to allow sufficient time to build up the team and get everyone on board before the next semester starts.
The only member of club besides president that has to go through the election process is the Student Board Representative and is elected independently on the current team for period of 1 year.