International Internship

An internship abroad is a CEMS requirement. It aims to turn academic and theoretical knowledge into a professional and multi-cultural experience. This internship is to take place abroad. However, VSE’s rules regarding internships are slightly different than the global requirements and, hence, what is considered “abroad” is a bit different.

General Information

Duration : 10 consecutive weeks, full-time, in the same company.

When : Anytime during graduate studies , except parallel to the MIM terms.

First 10 weeks of a full-time employment position is accepted.

Official CEMS Internship Requirements

Case by case

The following cases apply to students whose home school is the University of Economics, Prague. According to CEMS Head Office, “abroad” is defined as outside your home school country. However, VSE has more restrictive rules regarding internships to ensure that every one has a professional & multi-cultural experience.

Case 1 : I am Czech

Your internship must take place outside of Czech Republic.

Case 2 : I am not Czech

Your internship must be outside of Czech Republic.

You may do your internship in your country of citizenship but it will ONLY be recognized in the CEMS database, not by VSE. As such, you will not be entitle to financial aid from the University and you will not be able to have this internship credited (6 ECTS).

Case 3 : I acquired secondary education or bachelor’s degree in a foreign country

Your education history has no impact. “Abroad”, by VSE’s standard, is then defined as outside your country of origin and outside your home school country.


Where to look for an internship ?

CEMS Resources


JobMarket is a platform where companies from all over can post their internships, graduate programs and job offers. This CEMS market provide you with the resources to answer your professional needs. As for CEMS Corporate Partners they can perform multi-criteria searches to match their offers with CEMS candidates. Keep your CV up-to-date!

Going Global

GoingglobalGoingGlobal is a database with country-specific market trends, employment resources, corporate profiles, a listing of global job/internship opportunities and much more.


wetfeetWetFeet offers a set of Insider Guides ranging from interview tips to industry reviews. CEMS students are granted a priority access to WetFeet Magazine, Industry and Career track and Employer profiles.


AlumniGAMP stands for Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform. It is a unique service offered by the CEMS Global Alumni Association allowing you to connect with sector-specific, region-specific or company-specific advisors. You’ll get the insights you need to succeed from CEMS alumni. Whether you need a CV review or information about a specific industry, GAMP is here for you!

Career Forum

The Vienna Career Forum is the headline corporate recruiting event of the CEMS year. It gathers our Corporate Partners in one location for a one-of-a-kind recruiting, knowledge-sharing and networking event. This is the perfect opportunity to find an internship through pre-interviews, skill seminars or job fair contacts.

Other resources

LinkedIn & Facebook groups

There is a set of social media groups you could use to get in touch with alumni and fellow students and their job offers, recruitment tips, study materials and more.

Home School & Undergraduate School Career Services

Most universities offer their students career services including job postings, CV review, workshops and so on!

The CEMS Internship Guide 2015-2016 below provides a school-by-school overview :

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